Thank You!

Your Welcome Page / Thank you Page
Once your prospect opts-in to your event, this is the website that automatically
pops up. This page that will have your:

1) Sales copy – with a compelling list of the benefits to purchasing your paid
upgrade package that includes mp3 downloads to participants.
2) A list of juicy bonuses that help your participants see why your upgrade
package is so valuable – Make your bonuses compelling by providing
pictures and a list of benefits regarding what they offer.
3) Video (Again, optional but recommended)
4) Buy Now Button for your Upgrade Page

On this Welcome page, offer your Upgrade package and generate a “Buy Now”
button in 1Shopping Cart so that people can purchase it. Link an email
autoresponder to this button with details for accessing the upgrade materials,
mp3 downloads, etc.
Autoresponder for your Upgrade Purchase:
** Be sure that when you set up this autoresponder in 1SC, you check the box to
automatically unsubscribe folks from the original telesummit sign up list. This
way, when you email these people with the links to download the mp3s, they
won’t ALSO receive an email telling them where the recordings are for
streaming… this would be overkill J